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Welcome to the Walnut Crossings community!

Mingle with your neighbors at resident events, stop by the lobby to grab a coffee, and enjoy community celebrations right outside your door!



Boo Bags
October 1st-October 31st

We've boo'd some of our residents at Walnut Crossings to get in the holiday spirit... have you been boo’d?!

The rules of the game are pretty easy! We've "boo'd" (left a bag of treats at) a few apartments in each building. These residents will then get to keep their bag of treats, and create a new "Boo Bag" to pass along to a neighbor anonymously.

Inside each Boo Bag that we have left, there are snacks for that resident, along with an envelope containing "We've been boo'd signs" and a laminated sign with instructions.

Once you receive a boo bag, you must hang a "We've been Boo'd" sign on your front door so you don't get chosen again (to give everyone a chance to get Boo'd!).

Then you will create your own Boo Bag to pass along. Make sure to put the "We've Been Bood" envelope and laminated instruction sheet in the bag you will be passing along, as well as some treats for your neighbor to enjoy!

Leave the Boo Bag you've made at a neighbors door, and keep the fun going until Halloween!
*If you do not plan on creating a boo bag to pass along, please be a good neighbor and pass along the boo bag you have received rather than keeping it. This way everyone gets to enjoy the fun!*