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Doing Our Part To Keep You Safe

We are doing everything we can to keep our residents and employees safe during this difficult time, including:
  • Cleaning: following CDC guidelines on cleaning and disinfecting the common areas
  • EPA Recommended Disinfecting Standards
  • Hand Sanitizing in Common Spaces
  • Employee Health Monitoring with HealthChampion
  • Protective Wear for Staff

Here are some ways you can help to protect yourself, other residents and our employees:

  • Wear a mask in the hallways, elevators, and common areas.
  • Utilize the hand sanitizing stations placed throughout the property.
  • Do not bring guests to the amenity spaces for the time being.
  • Wearing a face mask while our maintenance team is in your apartment attending to your request. If you cannot wear a face mask, leave your apartment while your work order is being completed.
  • Use email and phone as your primary form of communication with our staff when possible

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have been financially impacted by COVID-19 we have deferral options available. Contact the leasing office to make arrangements for your payment plan. Staying in communication with the management office about your financial changes due to COVID-19 will stop collection or eviction proceedings.
You may qualify for Allegheny County CARES Rent Relief Program. Information about CARES Rent Relief Program can be found here. To apply click here.
CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield signed a declaration determining that the evictions of tenants could be detrimental to public health control measures to slow the spread of SARS-Cov-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. For more information on the order, click here.
Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and resulting governmental actions directly affecting businesses and the economy, Walnut Capital has determined to provide for those who qualify to break the Resident Rental Agreement. There is an early termination fee of 2 months rent.
Walnut Capital has instituted a more in-depth cleaning protocol with increased frequency of high traffic areas with EPA listed products specially indicated for use against SARS-CoV-2. If you would like more information regarding products used at your property please reach out to the management office directly and they will provide a product list. We have hired additional cleaning team members to focus on surface cleaning and specialty cleaning amenity spaces such as the fitness center and work stations.
Yes. Bi-polar ionization air cleaner. Needdle-point ionization actively treats the building's air quality. Can be installed at unit level at cost to residents $425-$675. Some units do not apply please contact the management office for more information.
Yes, you can direct all COVID-19 related questions to [email protected] or speak directly to the on-site staff.
Office staff may ask questions over the phone to help the maintenance team only bring the tools needed. Prior to entering you will be asked if everyone is healthy. While visiting your apartment we ask that you utilize a different room or step into the hall. All employees and vendors will wear masks and practice social distancing.
Yes, at this time we have resumed in person tours. We will continue to give at least 24 hours notice and wear protective masks. Other PPE can be requested if you so choose.
All communication will be posted onsite, emailed or texted to our residents. All emails and texts are marked for all residents to receive even if notifications are turned off within residents accounts.
If a resident or employee in your community tests positive we will send an email to make you aware of the exposure to the building. We will not provide a name or unit number of the positive person. You will be contacted individually if you had direct contact with a COVID positive individual.
We strongly suggest that you alert our management team for Walnut Capital to properly clean, sanitize and alert anyone for contact tracing. Walnut Capital will never share your identity with anyone.
Yes, you may have guests over to your apartment. We ask that no guest use the amenity spaces. Because we are limiting occupancy in the common areas we ask that the amenities are used only by residents.
Walnut Capital employees are required to complete a health screening every workday through the Heath Champion app. The app assesses all employees for COVID-19 symptoms and approves their daily work schedule based on their responses. All contractors must abide by their own company policies as well as Walnut Capital’s protocol and procedures.
You are required to wear a mask while utilizing all common spaces unless outside and maintaining 6 feet from another resident or employee. If you can not maintain 6 feet outdoors you are required to wear a mask.
We will still practice social distancing in lobbies and amenity spaces. Gathering should be limited to only 10 residents at a time. There will not be open food or beverages out but the coffee machines will be back on. We ask that before and after use of any common space amenity like coffee machines, microwaves, etc that you use the provided sanitizer to wipe before and after use. And please remember that amenities should be utilized by residents only.
We will require social distancing while utilizing the gym. Because our gym is not staffed it is important for you to sanitize the machines and equipment before and after use. We will be sanitizing the gym weekly and our cleaning team will increase the time spent in the gym when onsite. Only residents are permitted in the gym for the safety of our residents and staff. Please limit to 1 hour or less as a courtesy to your fellow residents. You must wash your hands before entering, often and cover sneezes and coughs.
Please do not move the furniture or it will be removed permanently. There will be absolutely no guests permitted in the pool. Only residents are permitted in the pool area for the safety of our residents and staff. Please limit to 2 hours or less as a courtesy to your fellow residents. You must wash your hands before entering, often and cover sneezes and coughs. No more than 20 people are permitted in the pool. Social distancing is required, maintain a 6 foot distance from other residents. Masks should be worn while not in the pool, DO NOT wear them in the water. Clean and disinfect chairs before and after use.
Outdoor spaces will be cleaned routinely and will resume normal use. Please practice social distancing, do not move furniture and maintain a gathering of 10 residents or less.
Walnut Capital will be altering their community event schedule to adhere to the CDCs COVID-19 recommendations. You can expect food truck pop-ups with pre-ordering, raffles and giveaways, partnerships and freebies with local businesses, community contests and more!
Walnut Capital team members will do their best at monitoring social distancing and mask wearing if there is something you would like to report please email [email protected]